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Our small business consultants offer a fresh perspective that keeps you current with the most relevant trends to drive sales to your bottom line.


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Existing business improvement


Whether you’re asking for a helping hand to turn around your operation or you want to take your business to the next level, we know the tools for success.  PERK Advisors’ restaurant consultants can assist you to see the necessary course corrections and financial strategies. Knowing when to reach out for help is one of the most valuable qualities for success. 

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Restaurant opening


Whether it’s your 20th restaurant or your first time in the industry, we can help you build and refine your idea. From market analysis to menu development we can create a business plan for your company to follow for years to come. We know what it takes to run a successful restaurant opening and we can help you get there.

Brand Development


Every business has a story to tell. We work with you to write the narrative of your company and ensure it is conveyed to your guests. Between your brick & mortar presence, your online presence, and your connection to your local community we make sure the message you’re sending is consistent. We know how to help you stand out in an over-saturated field and make genuine connections.

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