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Here at PERK Advisors we believe in elevating and creating through kindness. By taking care of people first we are able to establish long standing work relationships that help us have candid conversations when it comes to running the operation. We understand tough love and can get your business to where you dream it to be by working together. We promise to always deliver the truth as we know it and offer a plan to find a solution that best works for your operation.

Our love for community means we will defer to local businesses whenever feasible to help you create a network around your operation. We understand the togetherness of food and the power of a successful restaurant in connecting to its guests. We can help you create not just an outstanding and profitable eatery, but a home away from home. Let us help you run your restaurant before it runs you.

Whether you’re looking for help to put out fires, wanting to identify issues before they’re full-fledged problems, or you’re looking for more and want to expand, we invite you to our ever growing tribe of successful restaurant & businesses. No restaurant? If you have a vision, let us help you create that reality. 

Our team at PERK Advisors is comprised of some of some of the most passionate business consultants from all sectors of the industry. The diversity within our team allows us to be responsive to the needs of a wide range of clients. We’re humble and understand we may not have all the answers. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to establishing great relationships with many experts in the field to provide our clients with best practices solutions. With our dedication to research and knowledge we are able to assist operations from all corners of the globe.

We at PERK Advisors want to welcome you into our family, and we never let our family down. We believe in assessing a business not just for its profitability, but also for the quality of life for its employees, managers, and owners. Let us help you take a load off. You deserve it.

Jaimee Choi Restaurant Consultant CEO Founder PERK Advisors

CEO, Founder


With over a decade of restaurant management and operation experience, Jaimee Choi founded PERK Advisors to couple her passion for the food & beverage industry with her desire to help others. She has worked in fine dining management with Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group and Hillstone Restaurant Group. Most recently she held the position as General Manager for a well-known, high-concept restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. Having worked and traveled all over the US, Jaimee has hands-on management experience in cities such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Napa, Seattle, and Las Vegas. During her management of R&D Kitchen in Yountville she learned about wine making right at the source.

Formally trained in Hospitality Management with a Bachelors of Science degree from UNLV, one of the top hospitality colleges in the world, Jaimee received multiple scholarships including from Anheuser-Busch for academic excellence. In addition, she earned a finance minor which combined with her experience gives her a well-rounded understanding of operating a budget for profitability. Forever a student, Jaimee constantly seeks knowledge and new ideas to help her clients be competitive in the industry.

You may recognize Jaimee from her numerous marketing TV appearances on Las Vegas Now, Fox News, EXTRA, News 3 Live as well as appearances in countless social media marketing with popular celebrities and influencers.



At age 13, Justin Barnett got his first job at a family owned sandwich shop in Detroit and since has never turned on the hospitality industry. His ease for versatility lead him to hold all positions of a restaurant at an early age from dishwasher to bartender. With an affinity to the culinary arts, Justin became a Sous Chef at the first wine bar & restaurant in Michigan.

Since then Justin has been an integral force behind the opening of over 10 restaurants including some of the Las Vegas Strip’s best known establishments. These openings include Lavo of The Tao Group, Outback Steakhouse, Spin Nightclub, and Sugar Factory. 

As a restaurant consultant, Justin pulls directly from his experience in bars and restaurants. More than just a paycheck, restaurants have given him a second home. From turning inspiration into new cocktails & libations his concepts are strategic to ensure a properly costed menu. With 25 years of experience from front of house manger to Chef to partner & owner, Justin is at your service.  



Lori Sylvia is a dedicated marketing professional with experience across a wide range of industries including hospitality, health and wellness, and the fast-paced environment of high-tech. As a marketer of over 20 years, Lori excels in project management, ad campaign development, brand management, social media, public relations, and event marketing. She is adept as leveraging new technology to streamline processes and has the know-how to establish effective priorities to achieve both immediate and long-term business goals. 

Her strengths include driving profitability by increasing brand awareness and market share by using innovative strategies and empowering current teams to excel. Lori’s vast experience in multiple industries allows her a perspective that can expand even the most well versed veterans in the hospitality sector. Her extensive experience with start-up companies has ingrained her sense of urgency to deliver projects under tight time and budget constraints. 

Forever a foodie, Lori is passionate about coaching restaurant owners to provide them the tools needed to succeed in their own marketing efforts.