What can a restaurant CONSULTANT do for me?


Time Being removed from the operation allows the restaurant consultant the valuable gift of time. A consultant has the luxury to stop and observe, act as a guest, and review current trends in your operation’s niche. This is the time that owners and managers do not have as they are too busy running the restaurant to take a step back. 
Personnel The most important aspect of your guest relations is hiring and training the right people to fit your location and style. A consultant can analyze your current staff for key players or toxic problem makers. In some cases the managers themselves can be your downfall, yet no one has addressed the issue directly. A restaurant consultant can tell you like it is, even when the truth is difficult to hear. We can help you determine what to look for in the right staff and how to hire and retain them as a part of your team. We can give you the tools to take your team to the next level with proper training and continuing education procedures.


Menu Analysis Most restaurants begin with a concept and an idea of the food they would like to serve. But developing a menu is more than just the style of food and quality of product. Even for an experienced Chef the menu can be the undoing of a profitable business. We can create a pricing strategy that makes sense for your menu with the true value of your dishes. We understand the psychology of an effective menu and can redesign to entice your guests.
Resources A consultant will review the efficiency of your business from both front-of-house and back-of-house operations. They can offer a better POS system or recommend a new piece of equipment. With combined experience in the industry consultants can find you the best methods of purchasing to save you the most money. We can evaluate the processes your staff goes through on a daily basis in order to make your team the most efficient they can be.
Marketing Whether you are engaging in traditional marketing, using social media, or just relying on word-of-mouth a consultant will see what can be done to increase traffic to your location. The bottom line is sales and increasing reservations or walk-ins is priority number one. We can help you make some adjustments so that even the most minor improvements will make a huge difference in results.

A consultant’s job can’t just be limited to a short list. One thing you won’t hear from PERK Advisors is that dreaded, “That’s not my job!” If it can be done, we will do it.


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